SMS Service

Reports Management Message History with Status Reports
Use your Message History to find out to whom, when and how many messages you have sent and what their current status is. You can also view what messages you have scheduled to send later.
Member Status Management Reliable Message Routing
SMS Assistant utilizes the best messaging routes for your market. Offering high reliability, high capacity and cost effectiveness.
Booking Management Scheduling Messages
Have you ever needed to send an SMS to an individual or group from your SMS account at a particular time, but knew that you would not have access to a PC or internet at that time? Your only option was to send the SMS out earlier or later than you wanted to. No longer! With scheduled messaging you can set messages to send out in minutes, days, weeks, or even years into the future.
Product Management Controllable Sender ID
You can set who the SMS is from, to wither a cell number or alphanumeric characters (e.g. Chinetek)
Membership Management Personalized SMS
Personalize your message when sending SMS messages to groups. While composing an SMS message to send to a group, all you have to do is click a button for First name or other custom fields when you send your message, the SMS Assistant System will automatically place the required information from your upload Excel file into the message. It is that easy, and it will give your messages more credibility. Try it out on the ‘Personalized SMS’ page.

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