Chinetek 先達智能

Chinetek 先達智能

Social Network Platform

Social Network Platform

Integrate LMS with social networking platforms such as WeChat, Facebook, Sina Weibo, and member website accounts.


You can link up your member account with WeChat to check member details in real time! Once logged-in, users have immediate access to its account information. It can also be configured to an auto-login without any authentication.


As a social network platform, integration with you Facebook Page can provide member a channel to access to their profile, bonus and e-Cash status, receive promotion messages for your Facebook Page and share them with friends.

Sino Weibo

Another social network which has been integrated with LMS, and provides member a platform to check their membership details, such as bonus balance, or even allows member to login the member portal by Weibo account now!

Online Member Portal

Like our Online Bonus Checker module, integration with your website can provide an online platform for member to check bonus and e-Cash status and edit personal data. An API will be provided to your website designer to fetch data from LMS database.

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