Chinetek 先達智能

Chinetek 先達智能

Shopping Malls


Shopping Malls

Shopping malls today are facing keen competition, struggling to differentiate themselves from their competitors and experiencing a decline in customer loyalty. CRM systems offer shopping malls the opportunity to discover their edge and target customers wisely.

  • Design promotions to encourage visits (e.g. extra points for specific days of the week or a month, extra points for inactive members, or rewards for participation in social media activities)
  • Communicate promotions more effectively to members
  • Encourage promotion sharing on social media
  • Evaluate campaign effectiveness and insights for future marketing promotions
  • Track members’ visit patterns and analyze visitor behavior in clusters (e.g. tourists, office tenants close to the mall, local shoppers, family members)
  • Plan new campaigns to target different clusters of members
  • Fine-tune future tenant mix

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System captures data

The system captures data such as:

  • Member information (e.g. age, gender, nationality, gender)
  • Purchase records
  • Gift redemption records
  • WiFi login/out records
  • Event attendance records
  • Complaints records
  • VIP lounge in/out records
  • Social media activities

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