Food & Beverage

When diners choose a restaurant, the focus is as much on service as on food quality. Knowing your customer’s personal preferences when it comes to food, seating, ambience, etc. can make a big difference to ensuring customer satisfaction.

The system captures data such as:

  • Member information and their preferences (e.g. non-smoking area, window seats)
  • Purchase records (time of visit whether peak / non-peak hours, type of food/ drinks consumed)
  • Gift redemption records
  • Event attendance records (e.g. wine tasting)
  • Important dates of members (e.g. anniversaries, birthdays)

The system effectively analyzes data to help you:

  • Gain in-depth insight into members’ visit preferences so shop managers need not remember individual preferences
  • Help tailor-make promotions for different target groups
  • Provide more personalized services (e.g. reminders on members’ important dates)
  • Encourage members to increase their visit frequency (e.g. through e-coupons, e-cash) and the average expenditure per visit.
  • Support cross-promotion for restaurant groups
  • Boost promotions through effective and social media


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