Retailers (e.g. supermarkets)

Supermarkets offer a range of goods and aim to be a one-stop shop for customers. Building customer loyalty so that shoppers visit the store for daily needs is a key goal that can be met through an effective CRM system.

The system captures data such as:

  • Member information
  • Purchase records
  • Gift redemption records
  • e-cash, e-coupons, e-stamps, in/out records

The system effectively analyzes data to help you:

  • Encourage visits by offering diversified promotions (e.g. extra points for specific days of a week or a month, extra points for inactive members, extra rewards for combination purchases)
  • Understand the buying behavior of different clusters of members and design future promotion activities
  • Design in-store setup to encourage combination buying (e.g. placing fresh vegetables next to salad dressing)
  • Facilitate cross-selling
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