Since most cinemas run the same films at the same time, product differentiation is a challenge in this industry. No wonder, then, that cinemas were early adopters of CRM systems. Today, CRM offers cinemas the opportunity to provide personalized services for their customers by helping them know their customers better that ever before.
The system captures data such as:

  • Member information
  • Purchase histories (e.g. date, time, categories of movies)
  • Additional purchase histories (e.g. snacks, souvenirs)
  • Ticketing method by fully integrating CRM with ticketing systems (e.g. online purchase, telephone reservation, kiosks, box office)
  • Online renewal and membership upgrade records
  • Viewing histories of sessions on website, kiosks or mobile apps to gain better understanding of members’ interest (optional)

The system effectively analyzes data to help you:

  • Offer various benefits (e.g. bonus points, special day of the month, special day of the week promotion) to encourage frequent visits
  • Lower the chances of members switching cinema chains
  • Better understand members’ preferences for movies and design more targeted promotions
  • Multiple online and social media platforms to ease the membership renewal and social sharing procedures
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