Rewritable Card Printer Series


Whether you want to deploy a Loyalty Campaign to work with your existing POS Software, or outstand your program with “nitch” functions that beats your competition away, “Customize” with our Natec Rewritable Thermal Loyalty Platform. Smart & Savvy, engineered by Natec to meet the very requirements of Membership, Loyalty and CRM in the Retail Industry. Enhances corporate and franchise image, setting up a centralized Loyalty Solution with the latest Thermal Rewritable Technology is a snap. Parallel to none, our Loyalty Solution supports Stand-Alone and Integrated-POS versions: maximizing your retaining power and grow the business.

Printer Specification

  CI-810 CI-1010 CI-1810 CI-1910
Magnetic Reader / Writer JIS II / ISO format   JIS II / ISO format
Mifare Reader / Writer     Philips 13.56MHz Mifare Contactless Read/Writer
Card Thickness 0.214mm 0.76mm 0.76mm 0.214mm / 0.76mm
Text Color Blue Blue / Black Blue / Black Blue / Black
Coating Material Mitsubishi Leuco
Thermal Writing Speed 3 Seconds
Printable Area 38.0mm x 55.6mm
Image Direction Landscape / Portrait
Output Data USB 2.0 / RS-232 2x USB 2.0
Dimensions 112 x 148 x 232 [mm]
Weight 2.10kg 2.20kg

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