6 Reasons Why Mobile Apps are Better than Membership cards

Membership Cards was the foundation of loyalty marketing. However, it is outdated. ‘Mobile Apps’ lead it to a new era. Many aware of the rapid growth of mobile apps development, therefore, expand their business with member mobile apps. Some insist on the membership cards as it is a lower cost choice. It’s not a wise move though. We present you 6 Reasons why you should start Mobile Apps asap.

Easy and Convenient


Research found 44% people have to carry 2-4 membership cards with them anywhere. Carrying multiple plastic cards in wallet and pockets can be very messy. Every time they purchase they have to find and then pull them out. Carrying multiple cards pain consumers the most. 43% says having a load of cards is the biggest frustrations. By providing mobile apps, you can improve the shopping experiences. Wallets and pockets suddenly get their space back. Plus mobile apps will not be lost as easy as cards.


mobile apps

Customer Engagement with Mobile Apps


A membership card cannot engage and approach customers. They have no incentives and rewards to motivate customers to re-visit your business. Membership cards are easy to be forgotten and lost. Meaning it is not a reliable tool to keep your customers loyal.

With a mobile app installed on your customer’s phone, your brand will be presented frequently which serves as a constant reminder of your brand.


Personalized Communication


Membership cards provide zero communication with customers. The only viewable content it has is the limited text printed on the cards. It cannot establish any long-term relationship with your customers.

Mobile apps allow unique, custom and personalized engagements with your targeted customers. You can connect with them at the chosen time. For example, you can provide limited time promotion for festivals. With the push notification, users are easily informed about special promotions and discounts. Birthday greeting and other incentives are available, which better encourage customers to re-visit again.


True Loyalty


Mobile apps provide fruitful interaction, like gift cards, lotteries, special offers and etc. You can collect customer feedback and data following each purchase. You can better meet the customer’s expectation and ensure the usability of your marketing campaign.


Visual and Emotional Appeal


mobile apps


Membership cards lack visual and emotional appeal as the earned points and rewards are not viewable. Member apps can display colorful images and videos. It better introduces your hero products. The emotional appeal motivates users to keep an eye on your promotions. Moreover, it helps nurture the more powerful connection between customers and your brand.


Data collection


For membership cards, it’s much more difficult to collect and analyze data on your customers. It means you cannot send personalized offers to your clients and create highly targeted marketing campaigns.

With a mobile app, you can easily collect valuable data to get insights into demographics, behavior, and preferences. You can analyze the data to capture the customers’ profile. It helps in increasing the success of your marketing campaign.


Overall, consumers are more demanding than ever, they need fast and simple shopping experiences, personalized engagement and promotions. Most consumers prefer mobile apps than membership cards. As a result, membership cards are outdated and soon become useless. Some concerns the cost of mobile apps, it actually becomes more cost-effective due to the popularization of mobile technology. 2018 has come to an end and it’s better to start late than never. If you don’t have a mobile app with Loyalty Management System, starting one in 2019 will be a good way to start.




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Understand your customers better with big data

Will Big Data Finally Turn CRM Into Something Truly Valuable?

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CRM System, Improved and Evolved

The importance of big data analysis cannot over-emphasize nowadays.  “Customer Relationship Management (CRM)” is the most well-known and introductory application of big data analysis in the business. CRM system is actually an old vocabulary, which highlighted on increasing customer loyalty. Today CRM means something more.


Why is the Incentive Program ineffective?


The incentive program was the mainstream in the marketing industry. Marketers spent most of their time working on the program. They used different discounts to recruit members and increase the revisit rate. However, the effect was unsatisfied. The initial revisit rate increased for a while but not long lasting.

Why is it ineffective? This is because human estimation is unreliable. The marketing staffs designed the program schemes according to their own experience and assumptions. It is more like guessing. Sure they can rely on marketing research, but the marketing change can be rapid. The results can only reflect the preference of the majority. What we need is something more accurate and efficient, a tool that can achieve precision marketing while catching the speed of the changes.


Data analysis is the booster to CRM System


Big data analysis understands the preferences and interests of each member. It can dig in and find out what incentives can motivate customers the most. The focus should now shift from “member incentive plan” to “big data analysis.”  Know your  each customer. A customized, unique promotion and discount to each customer was once impossible but now become doable with the help of big data analysis.


Collect Data and Draw Customer Portrait

CRM System

What is customer portrait? It is to draw a portrait for each of your clients. The more detailed the lines, the better the data will be used to shape the customer’s tastes. What data should we collect?

First, we need to focus on customers’ attributes, their lifestyles and consumption behaviors.

  • Fixed features: gender, age, region, education level, birthday, occupation, constellation
  • Interest: hobbies, APP, website, browsing/collection/comment content, brand preferences, product preferences
  • Social characteristics: living habits, marriage, social/message channel preferences, religious beliefs, family composition
  • Consumption characteristics: income status, purchasing power, product type, purchase channel preference, purchase frequency
  • Dynamic characteristics: current activities, demand, location, surrounding businesses, surrounding people


How to collect the above data to build a CRM system? Some are already in your CRM database (customer database), and some can be collected through their “footprint.” Every their activities on the internet such as clicking and browsing can be monitored. For example, visitors’ browsing cookies remain in the browser. The server can identify and record their browsing behavior from various actions, clicks, paths and etc. We can further analyze their long-term and short-term needs and interests.


You can create tailor-made incentive plans for each customer. Not just different, but also dynamically adjusted according to the customer’s consumption behavior and feedback on the incentive plan. What you need is to find a company to build and design a “CRM System” for you, so the above program can function automatically.


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透過這些會員管理系統(Member Management System),能有效精準地收集顧客消費數據。以台灣麥當勞的會員卡系統為例,客戶持卡消費除了免卻現金支付及找零的麻煩外,最有價值的部分莫過於蒐集大量且精準的客戶消費資訊。在顧客點擊、瀏覽產品、下單、付款等等這些客戶接觸點中,顧客都會產生大量數據。就好像是一幅幅客戶的自畫像。零售商可以清楚地掌握會員消費的時間、地點、品項、數量及金額,這些都是非常寶貴的企業經營數據,有助了解客戶的喜好、消費行為與消費模式,並可掌握產品銷售的情報與熱度。


透過大數據分析(Big Data Analysis),可以精準掌握客戶需求和喜好習慣,零售系統便可以各類型的溝通管道,例如簡訊、App推播、Facebook、Line或是email,不定期或在特定節慶或時間(event-based)將客製化、個人化的產品與促銷活動訊息提供給會員,達到精準行銷的目的。你亦可以將會員分門別類,提供針對以特定客群為導向的市場營銷策略,提高銷售的命中。

新零售新行銷,都是基於大數據。只要好好利用,與CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)結合,便能加強對顧客需求的了解,改善顧客消費體驗,以提高顧客忠誠度(customer loyalty)






Understand your customers better with big data

Will Big Data Finally Turn CRM Into Something Truly Valuable?

What Is Social Marketing? And How Does It Work?


Jeff Tsui在媒體行業擁有超過30年的經驗,在主流和新興媒體等領域擁有廣泛的專業知識。他創辦了多家IT公司,在戰略規劃,工作流程和公司結構設計,營銷和銷售以及管理積累了豐富的經驗。Jeff是一位受歡迎的專欄作家和電台主持人。

有一種說法,做零售業的,若仍然未經營「客戶關係管理」(Customer Relationship Management SystemCRM),就等於是自殺行為。所謂CRM,簡言之,就是把客戶轉換為「會員」,然後透過「激勵計劃」(Incentive Program),吸引會員持續重訪,從而提升會員的銷售額、黏著度(Viscosity)和終生價值(Lifetime Value)。不過,今時今日,企業要收集的已經不止是「會員」(MemberVIP)的數據,還有「粉絲」(Fans),就是透過Social Media吸引回來的讚好網民。吸引了粉絲,再進行數據分析,我們稱之為Social CRM。

Social Marketing


1. 為什麼用「著數」吸引人們讚好企業/商戶的Facebook Page,轉換成客戶的比率通常很低?

2. 社會營銷(Social Marketing)究竟怎樣做才有效?

3. 企業花了大量資源經營各種「數位行銷」(Digital Marketing),吸引了大量「粉絲」,怎樣做才可以把粉絲轉換成長期客戶?

送禮品吸 Facebook Page 粉絲究竟 Work Work


一天之內,我被兩次要求Like 商戶的Facebook Page來取得禮品,一次是電訊商1010,另一次是以車仔麵成名的永年士多,前者以送出無線mouse吸引講座參加者做這個動作,後者則以永年士多鎖匙扣引誘客戶Like & Share一個有關一周年誌慶的貼文。

這種用贈品來誘導客戶或是任何人Like/Subscribe企業的Facebook Page或其他社交媒體帳戶,確實是近年常用手法,用意十分明顯,就是希望令企業/商戶的社交媒體在短時間之內大幅增加「粉絲」(Fans)數目。



我對這種方法一直有所保留,一來成本不輕,二來潛在客戶拿完著數之後通常就會「潛水」,轉換率(conversion rate)很低。

Social Marketing

Social MarketingPasserby with Engagement to Fans


「粉絲」這個關鍵詞跟社交媒體(Social Media)當然有密切關係。自從有了社交媒體,不少商戶都經營自己的FacebookTwitterYouTube、微信……,作為市場推廣的工具。社交媒體的好處是讓「路過者」(Passerby)留下足跡,跟貼文/視頻互動(Engage),並進一步透過Like你的Page/Channel成為「粉絲」,以方便繼續留意你的動態。

於是,這些年頭,經營「粉絲」也成為市場推廣人員的重點工作。如何在網海吸引網民的注意力,成為「路過者」(Passerby),繼而成為「粉絲」(Fans),再轉換成為「客戶」(Customer)成了社交媒體年代一門重要的市場推廣學問,我們稱之為「社會營銷」(Social Marketing)。

content marketing

Content Marketing的「三有」:有認同感、有趣、有用


這些年,Like Facebook Page就可獲得優惠或禮品大行其道,但Like完之後不少人拿完「著數」之後就會刪Like


「內容」(Content)才是社會營銷的重點,而不是「著數」,與其花錢送出禮物,不如花多點精力和資源做好內容,用優質的內容吸引「路過者」自願地跟你「互動」,再成為你的「粉絲」,我們稱這為「內容營銷」(Content Marketing),只有這樣,關係會更容易轉換為「客戶」。



CRM Big Data

致勝方程式:Social + Content + CRM Big Data


目前很多做社會營銷的,無論是企業自身內部經營還是外判給服務公司,都沒有結合CRM的操作,以致欠缺有效的將「粉絲」轉換為「客戶」的跟進工作,又或是透過客戶的社媒活動增加對他們的了解,從而進行更精準的行銷(Precision Marketing)。

什麼是CRM?簡單的說法,就是增強客戶與企業/商戶之間的關係,若再加上Big Data,定義就會來得更清晰,CRM Big Data就是透過對每一名客戶的個人數據進行分析,因而對他的購買喜好有深度了解,進要對他的未來購買行為有精準預測,商戶就可以在適當的時間、以適當的手法和符合客戶心意的激勵計劃誘導他進行消費。

Social CRM就是Social Marketing + Data Marketing



「數位營銷」(Digital Marketing)乃大勢所趨,很多企業減少傳統媒體廣告投放,把大量資源於網絡上。最基本的就是做好公司的網站,然後做Search Engine OptimizationPay Per ClickSMSMMSWhatsApp Broadcasting,再經營自己的社交媒體,進行「社會營銷」(Social Marketing),製作VideoInfographic和文字內容,即所謂的「內容營銷」(Content Marketing)。看,這是多麼浩大的工程啊!

做了大量的工作,卻沒走多一步,就是數據收集、儲存、標籤和分析,我們稱這為「數據營銷」(Data Marketing),而這一步正是提高「粉絲轉換率」和「顧客終生價值」(Customer Lifetime Value)的關鍵一步,你說是不是有點可惜?






















”Customer Profiling: Methods to Understanding Your Customers” by R. Khera






Understand your customers better with big data

Will Big Data Finally Turn CRM Into Something Truly Valuable?