Author: Ronnie Cheung

Facebook and Big Data Insights

Facebook live is a new addition to the social networks. It allows users to record videos and broadcast live to friends and followers. Although the live broadcast is not a brand-new thing, it receives huge success in Facebook. The database of Facebook is enormous and outstanding, which brings valuable big data insights.   Facebook, Big Data Algorithm     There are over 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q3 2018. (Source: Facebook 10/30/18). Facebook is the world’s most popular social media with more than two billion monthly active users worldwide. Facebook stores large amounts of data. It’s predicted that...

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How Big Data Change Journalism?

Journalism is the activities of gathering, evaluating, creating, and news and information delivery. It requires verification, accuracy, and creativity. The recent development of communication and mobile technology made the process more efficient and influential. The evolution does not stop there. The emergence of Big Data may once again alter the game rules of journalism.   Big Data and Article Screening System     Lifehack is a leading online media. It produces articles daily, which about making things easier and better in every aspect. It provides practical and adaptable knowledge dedicated to improving Health, happiness, productivity, relationships.   The monthly...

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