Author: Ronnie Cheung

How to Market your Mobile App?

Mobile App is a powerful approach to brand building. It establishes a deeper relationship with customers. Mobile app is an advertising medium which completes the brand’s offline experience. It helps to retain the customer and maintain customer loyalty. Mobile apps can easily integrate with the Loyalty program. Together it brings accessible member status management.

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How AR Changes Retail Mobile App?

Augmented Reality (AR) is emerging in retail mobile apps. It delivers satisfied shopping experience through visual engagement. AR enriches the diversity of mobile apps. It allows accessible 2-way interaction which eliminates traditional one-way engagement mechanisms such as SMS, email, TV advertising.

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6 Mobile Apps Development Trends

Mobile Apps development is beneficial for retail and service. According to a digital report from We are Social, the number of Smartphone users crossed 5.135 billion. As per Statista, mobile apps are expected to produce $188.9 billion global revenue by the year 2020. The continued development of mobile apps will bring us a brighter future in 2019, which allow us a greater chance to expand our business. 1.Augmented and Virtual Realities AR and VR bring a more realistic experience to users, which enhance the shopping experience. AR and VR are now common in the game industry. In fact, the...

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Start Apps for Business For 5 Reasons

In the time of using Smartphone, 90% people spend time on Apps, while only 10% people spend on mobile websites. The potential of mobile app marketing is too big to ignore. Therefore, we present you 5 Reasons why you should have started now.

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