We are entering a new age of 5g technological revolution. Only one second, millions of data would have transmitted from your server to millions of connected phones in the world. 5G make it all possible. 5G is overhauling the whole retail industry. We need to prepare ourselves to welcome the era of 5G mobile app. But first, we must understand the power of 5G. In this article, we will focus on how different 5G is from 4G.

Faster 5G Mobile App

Higher download and upload speed is accessible with 5G technology. It will be easier to download app, movies, games. How fast? Take a 2 hours 4K resolution video an example, 3G need 3.4 hours to finish downloading, 4G need 7.3 minutes, 5G takes only 4.4 seconds. The trend of 5G is unstoppable.

We are not just talking about the transfer of files. Money transmission is also benefited from fast browsing speed. Thereby, mobile payment is faster and more efficient. Good news for retail mobile app.

Lower Latency

Latency means the waiting time for app to respond to user’s action. Sometimes when you click a button on app, it takes like forever to load the next stage. It’s very annoying and badly influences the shopping experience. Due to the 5G mobile app, the response time to react prompt becomes more immediate. AR technology, Chatbot and etc are higher retail technology which requires advanced network and devices to support. 5G mobile app took care of that by providing a more stable and efficient frame. It’s ready for future mobile development.

5G Mobile App bring Better User Experience

Clarity is one of the advantages of 5G mobile app. It delivers greater capacity (1000 times capacity of 4G), higher resolution. It offers consistent connectivity, all the connections can share and work together. More important, it brings lower battery consumption.  In other words, 5G mobile app fixed lots of 4G problems like the capacity and battery. It greatly increases the user experience.

According to HIS Economics, 5G mobile app will generate an enormous amount of revenue. They predicted $12.3 USD Trillion globally will be unleashed. Retail industry will be benefited the most. To welcome the new mobile revolution, the development of the retail mobile app is inevitable.

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