Prediction and machine learning are the major developing skills of AI.  Due to technology growth, AI became cheaper and more accessible. Thereby, AI has been applied in some of the retail mobile apps.

AI is like any other technologies, it serves human, especially the retail and service. AI is about pattern recognition, it recognizes and analyzes patterns in data. It brings insight to help us in making a better decision. How? Let us show you.

Productivity Retail Mobile Apps

Google’s “G Suite” and Microsoft Office 365 are deploying AI to streamline and create efficiencies, which are good examples to explain how productivity app helps business.

They have developed a mobile app to help users to access auto-generated responses for email replies. It greatly replaces traditional human efforts. The app called Smart Reply.  Now, more than 10 percent of all replies on mobile are using Smart Reply.

On the other hand, Microsoft is working on AI technology- Office Graph and Delve. Office Graph is the underlying system which collects data about significant interactions between users and objects (such as documents or other content). Delve helps users to cut through the clutter of information and view the things most relevant data and graphic. These mobile apps assist users to better understand the customers, which allow them to make a better business move.

Chatbots in Retail Mobile Apps

The application of Chatbots has been increasing. It benefits the customer support industry the most. The success of Chatbots relies on machine learning and natural language processing (NLP – where computers can process text as humans). Chatbots provide a fast and accurate response, which deliver more satisfied customer services to customers. It is expected to replace the manpower and provide 7X24 services.

Chatbot generates useful data during the interaction. It helps companies improve their services and understand customers’ need. When users ask questions that Chatbot doesn’t include, developers can realize what new features they need to add into Chatbot.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is the ability to automatically and accurately recognize human speech. We all familiar with this technology, the best example are Siri! Google is making their speech recognition API public so that developers can access it and use it as a basis for their own mobile apps. Sensory (an AI company) provides firms such as banks with advanced data security. Sensory offers face and voice biometric recognition, essential for apps with sensitive security requirements. It can be used in retail mobile apps to secure a safety consume process.

AI is the key area for future technology, which is beneficial for retail and service. AI can be applied in retail mobile apps to bring insight to help business to retain customers. It is the next stage of the mobile app.

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