Facebook live is a new addition to the social networks. It allows users to record videos and broadcast live to friends and followers. Although the live broadcast is not a brand-new thing, it receives huge success in Facebook. The database of Facebook is enormous and outstanding, which brings valuable big data insights.


Facebook, Big Data Algorithm


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There are over 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q3 2018. (Source: Facebook 10/30/18). Facebook is the world’s most popular social media with more than two billion monthly active users worldwide. Facebook stores large amounts of data. It’s predicted that there will be more than 170 million Facebook users in the United States by 2018. Facebook is too big to ignore.


There are thousands of posts that might be displayed in the user’s News Feed. The algorithm analysis these posts and arranges their order according to the preference and relevance of users. The Facebook algorithm is constantly improving, in order to provide a good experience for users. Facebook prioritizes posts from family and friends over public because they treasure the connection of person to person.


Facebook, Big Data Insights


Every activities and engagement such as clicking, browsing, like, sharing, follow and etc. They are being collected and monitored by Facebook. Those data became valuable assets of the big database. The big data analysis produces insights. Insights can accurately foresee the user’s interests. Therefore, we can always see the most related post up front. Facebook live apply the same mechanism. In the News Feed, those videos we interest the most will be prioritized.


The emergence of Facebook Live has made the “personal TV station” no longer an obstacle. Everyone with a Smartphone can manage their personal TV channel. Facebook tracks its users by cookies. If a user is logged into Facebook, Facebook can track every site they visited. Facebook grasp the technology of facial recognition which presents its skills in photo tagging and image management.




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TVmost and Facebook


TVmost anniversary award broadcasted live on the free TV network ViuTV, which announced the cooperation between online media and traditional media in content and distribution. The TV online station owns over 7 hundred thousand followers on Facebook. It is a big asset to TVmost. All it has to do is a one-time authorization from fans. It allows TVmost to access fans’ Facebook profile and personal information such as gender, age, location, and ETC. The insights it brings assist TVmost to understand the interests and the characteristics of fans. It benefits TVmost to strengthen their digital marketing services.


The success of Facebook live and TVmost emphasizes the importance of Big Data insights. It helps to improve the customer experience and customer loyalty. Adopting of Big Data solutions helps analyze customer interests and consumption behaviors across multiple channels to determine when, where and how customers are most likely to buy.


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