Some may see Big Data as something distant and complicated therefore not applicable to small and medium enterprises. The truth is Big Data can be practical and profitable. We can use the CRM (customer relationship management) system to practice big data analysis. Let’s see an example of CRM Big Data.

CRM Big Data


Akindo Sushiro is one of Japan’s number one chain sushi restaurants with more than 440 stores nationwide. It takes the lead in implanting wafers under sushi plates to calculate the distance travel by sushi on the slewing belt. Each dish of sushi walking at a predetermined distance will be withdrawn to maintain the freshness of the food to guarantee the quality.

In June 2015, Merchant Sushi Lang launched a Smartphone app (App), allowing guests to book a table through the app. Guests enter the telephone number, region and schedule time. The app will display the waiting time of all the stores in the area. The app will then issue a reservation number. Once the customers arrive at the store at the preserved time, they key in the reservation number on the electronic board outside the store. The electronic board receives the message and the seat will be arranged.


CRM Big Data-Collecting Effectively


This app solves the problem of long waiting time, also making the booking much easier. It benefits customers and most importantly, customers are giving out their information willingly.

Some guests may provide false information in phone or paper during the registration and booking, which affects the accuracy of big data analysis.

By using the Smartphone app’s online booking system, guests can learn the availability of the table, obtain the reservation number and compare the waiting time between different restaurants. The popup notification function is also available. The app notifies users once the table is ready. These user-friendly and convenient functions successfully motivate lots of guests to download the app. They are now happy to leave their true information like phone number, GPS location, age in order to place the booking, which guarantees the validity of the data.


CRM Big Data-Analysis and Insights


The app includes membership program, promotions, and coupons. This package offers not only discounts but also a more convenient and easier way which saves time for guests. All they need to do is to download and register. When the app became more mature and smooth, they further released the take-out service function. This required customer to provide more detailed personal information like the delivery address. Address of your customers can be very useful because it can tell whether it is a business or residential. It indicates the income level of your customers which suggest which groups you should target on.

The merchant’s CRM System integrates the guest’s data and carries out an analysis. The system tracks customers all activities like which store he went to, how many people visited, when did he enter, when did he left, what did he eat, how much he spent, did he use any coupons, did he click the promotions/advertisements through the app and etc.

Once the guest books through the app again, the data management systems will analysis the previous consumption data and conduct preliminary data mining and analysis. The app will offer custom, unique and attractive member discounts which base on the customer’s preference. In other words, every guest may receive different member discounts. If the CRM system detects a customer prefer salmon than tonguefish, the app delivers promotions on salmon more often. This is so-called Precision Marketing or Targeting Marketing, which significantly increases marketing successful rate.

CRM big data 3


Know Yourself, Know Your Customers. CRM Big Data assists you to draw up successful marketing strategies and giving you insights on managing existing customers.  Small, medium and big enterprises can utilize the advantages of CRM system through big data analysis.



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