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Chinetek Intelligence is a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions provider in Hong Kong. Founded in 2003 with significant experience in data processing and analysis, the company has further extended its services to Big Data analysis.

In the era of Big Data, no matter which industry you are engaged in, the impact of Data on the business sector cannot be ignored. Managing Data has become as important as industrial knowledge itself.

In the past, Data Mining was mainly used to smooth business operations and assist business decisions. Today, Big Data Analysis is widely employed to master customers’ DNA and predict their NPT (Next Purchase Time). This helps business owners improve the revisit rate and loyalty of customers by pushing personalized promotions at exactly the right time (Audience Targeting).

Prediction and Timing are the keywords in this finely calibrated process.

We stress 4 Vs in the implementation of Big Data Marketing: Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity of Data.

Chinetek Intelligence provides a one-stop system and consultation service that includes data collecting, cleansing, integration and storage. We build Data Models for our customers and provide in-depth data analysis. We assist business owners in better understanding and predicting their customers’ behavior, aiming at a Targeted Marketing approach. Through a range of strategies such as Dynamic Personalized Tagging, Definition of Attributes and Consumer Behavior Tracking among others, a complete picture of customers’ DNA can be retrieved including their Activeness, Lifetime Value, Sales Opportunities etc.

Some frequently asked business questions can be quickly answered using Big Data Modelling:

  1. Understanding what products are likely to be purchased together. Increasing sales of other product lines through package sales or joint promotions.
  2. Identifying Hero Product(s) for attracting new customers. Finding out the key to turning a new customer into a regular buyer.
  3. Predicting the most probable next purchase time of customers and the next items they are most likely to buy.
  4. Detecting clusters of consumers. Assisting in identifying the best marketing direction and the ideal communication channels for different clusters based on the behavior analysis of clusters.
  5. Identifying the customers most likely to respond to a promotion, thus increasing the overall response rate and reducing wastage of resources.
  6. Monitoring the changes in behavior and visit frequency on a personal level. Alerting business owners at the initial stage of a downturn. This helps business owners to strengthen the bond with existing customers and increase retention rate.

Repeated practice of the above exercises helps increase customer experience and loyalty, turning the vision of Big Data into a profitable reality.

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) was launched in 2016 on a pilot basis to subsidies local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in using technological services and solutions, including Big Data Services. Each eligible applicant will be granted a maximum $400,000 funding ceiling. For enquires please call 3421 2922 for more assistance.

Please visit our website or call our service hotline 3421 2922 for more details and assistance.

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