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Data Analysis Team-Commercial


Frankie Chow
Chief System Analyst

As a veteran in the software arena, Frankie is known for his brilliance and tirelessness. Before joining our team, he had years of experience in designing and developing POS systems for several key retail chains in Hong Kong, and won customers’ trust and compliments for his professionalism. He has been contributing his talents in Chinetek Intelligence since 2008 acting as Project and Team Leader on many challenging projects. He has led and contributed to various flagship projects on loyalty system implementation, POS/ERP/APP/WEB integration, social platforms integration and data migration.

A savvy technology specialist, he has an exceptional ability to plan and foresee the expandability and versatile needs of systems, especially those customized for retailers. With years of practical exposure, he is immensely qualified to take on the complexity of providing solutions to the medium and large enterprises’ sector.

Well versed with the market-popular systems and tools, Frankie has been instrumental in the making and designing of our flagship LMS product, together with contributing to the newly extended unit focusing on social media such as Facebook, SMS, Weibo, EDM and iPhone/Android apps. He also assists the R&D team in studying new trends and possible enhancement to our products.


Vicky Hui
Account Director

With over 10 years of solid marketing and agency experience, Vicky’s distinguished skills do not end with paperwork. She has served a wide range of customers in different fields – hospitality, health and beauty, FMCG products and luxury brands – where she helped brands define their marketing strategies, branding/promotion campaign goals, execution plans and media strategies.

Joining our team in 2006, Vicky has become an integral part of putting our name on the map of the retail industry and shopping malls. With another 10+ years spent in the CRM field, Vicky was among the first generation of CRM experts. She assisted in the design and implementation of CRM solutions for hundreds of different retailers in Hong Kong and China. As leader of the account servicing team, she holds a wealth of valuable information including the big picture and the minutiae. Her wide experience gives her broad and comprehensive knowledge of various industries in the market. Her practical and functional marketing expertise, dedication and business acumen is a vital value-add to the successful launch of CRM campaigns.

Her warm, cheerful attitude has won the confidence from our clients. She is known for resolving conflicts and handling other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact.


Liz Liu
Communications expert and media strategist

Liz Liu is a seasoned communications specialist with decades of experience in a range of fields. Her career has spanned corporate communications, election engineering, business development and sales and marketing, giving her the ability to offer clients a holistic view of developing communications and media strategies to grow businesses.

In her corporate communications career, Liz has worked in fields ranging from trade fairs to manufacturing before moving into the education sector. At the Alumni Affairs Office and later the Communications and Public Relations Office of Hong Kong Baptist University, Liz’s role included spearheading traditional and e-publications, stakeholder engagement and event management. Liz has deep insight into the local political landscape, having worked for civil society organizations as well as on District Council, Legislative Council and Election Committee election campaigns for prominent candidates in Hong Kong.

Currently, Liz is Account Director of Chinetek Strategy Company, which focuses on integrating social media with traditional public relations, where she oversees sales and marketing, formulates business strategies and directs the professional services of the firm.

Data Analytics Team – Political & Public Affairs


Dr. I-Ping Neal Hsieh
Consultant and Big Data Strategist

Neal is computer science and information technology professional who has combined his technical expertise with strategic thinking to assist companies in developing solid public relations campaigns.

With a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering and a Master’s in Applied Mathematics from National Chung Hsing University, Neal has deep knowledge and understanding of mathematical analysis and statistical programming and computing. His professional experience includes a stint at Yahoo! where he honed his software development expertise.

Since 2012, Neal has been the Chief of Research & Development Officer of Sway Strategy. He is adept at big data analysis which is today a crucial component of successful companies’ public engagement strategies.

In addition, Neal has been active as a political consultant, offering clients election strategy and political risk consultant advice. He has worked on election campaigns in Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.


Chi-Jiun Luo
Media Strategy Consultant and Social Media Analyst

Chi-Jiun Luo specializes in news and internet media analysis with a focus on social media behavior analysis. He started his career in internet marketing planning at the Center of Public Affairs, National Taiwan Normal University, before moving to the commercial sector as social media marketing manager at Labin Inc. He also contributed to the Open Source Software Foundry at Academia Sinica. He is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Sway Strategy.

In addition, Chi-Jiun has strong experience in election consulting having worked on party, municipal and legislative elections as well as the 2016 Presidential and Vice Presidential election in Taiwan. He has also worked on the 2016 Sarawak State Election and the 2018 General Election in Malaysia.


Spencer Ke
Social Media Data Analyst and Consultant

Spenser Ke is an experienced consultant, whose skill set extends to social media analysis. As a data analyst of social media behaviour for Sway Strategy, he has been assisting clients in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia in enhancing their decision-making capacity and digital communication strategy.

He has also been involved in consulting for the elections at the legislator and party level in Taiwan and the Legislative Council elections in Hong Kong. In addition, his consulting experience includes projects for the Taidong City Design Centre and Xinbei City Urban Rural Development Department.

Spenser is a co-founder of 9floor Apartment, a co-living start-up in Taiwan that endeavours to provide a housing solution for young people living in urban areas.


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