Beauty Management System

The most affordable and practical Beauty-Salon Management System (BMS) developed solely on realistic market information encountered by the beauty industry practitioners. The standard BMS is proven, All-In-One beauty salon management software that will significantly improve the sales volume, enhance customer retention and ease operation flow in these sectors: Spa, Yoga, Beauty, Nails, Health and Fitness, Hair Salon and more.

Visit Tracking and Member Data Management
Instantly pull records for every member who interacts with your company, and view membership status, bonus balance, transaction history and more. Locate a record by information such as name, mobile or email address just by typing in the quick search box. You can also update member information online by accessing database on the web, so data is always up-to-date in your company.

  • Member Database
  • Member Survey
  • Member Search Engine
  • Track Membership Status
  • Track Package Balance
  • Track Transaction History
Member Status Management Member Status Management
Chasing down people to renew or upgrade their memberships can be time-consuming. BMS can help. You can automate membership renewals and upgrades by setting up different renewal policies and access rules for different membership levels, with no limits.

  • Expiry Date, User Configurable
  • Member Level, User Configurable
  • Automated Member Upgrade and Renewal
Bonus Point Management Bonus Point Management
Customize and configure your bonus point reward program’s design through membership tiers, levels, status, thresholds, referrals, and triggers. You can also set program instructions for accumulations, acceleration and reversals of points. Create campaigns like multiplybonus reward, birthday-month bonus reward, referral bonus reward, visit bonus reward, and more!

  • Bonus Earning Formula, User Configurable
  • Special Birthday-Month Bonus Scheme
  • Special Friends Referral Bonus Scheme
  • Special Visit-and-Attendance Bonus Scheme
Bonus_Gift_Cash_Coupon Management Gift Management
Customized and configure your reward program’s design through gifts. You can also set instruction for gift redemption and expiration date for them. Use them to build customer loyalty and keep them at every stage of the relationship.

  • Set Gift Redemption Scheme
  • Set Cash Coupon Scheme
Complaint Management Customer Enquiry Management
Support users can record customer’s call-in enquiries anytime to maintain customer satisfaction and retention; Track histories directly on customer enquiry platform to ensure better visibility into case management.

  • Call History by Each Phone Calls
  • Add-on New Comment on Existing Case
  • Enquiry Category / Item Classification
  • Enquiry Status Definition
  • Enquiry Remarks
Booking Management Booking Management
Book services or packages quickly, respond to guest questions, find consultant, room, or equipment availability. Our scheduler has everything you need to provide members with high quality interactions and manage busy days with ease. BMS uses color box on the appointment book to identity unconfirmed appointments and allows you to manage your day easily.

  • Make Appointment by Calendar
  • Make Appointment by Staff
  • Make Appointment by Equipment
  • Change Appointment Status
  • Allow Double Booking
Sales Management Package Management
Design your beauty package based on different services and products. You can manage services and products with detailed description and price tags. And then you just have to mix and match them and create diverse packages by Package Management.

  • Product Price, User Configurable
  • Package Price, User Configurable
  • Services Price, User Configurable
  • Set Combination on Services and Product to Package
Reports Management Report and Analytics
Reporting used to be hard, but with BMS it’s easy. Monitor program activity and progress with different standard reports covering a range of situations. Reports include member contract, commission, package, and specialized reports. Just filter what you want, and get an immediate view to your business.

  • Member Report
  • Commission Report
  • Package Balance Report
  • Sales Report


Prepaid Management Prepaid Management
BMS lets you accept prepaid in your company, payments are immediately recorded in database. Depending on your prepaid settings, other actions can be triggered, such as rebating a fixed amount of E-cash point. You can also set formula of burning E-cash point for different packages or services.

  • Pre-Paid e-Cash Setting
  • Rebate on Pre-Paid
  • Spend e-Cash on different packages
  • Set Expiry Date on e-Cash
PageLines- Safeguards-Add-On.jpg Safeguards Add-on
Protect the sensitive customer contacts stored in database with BMS Data Safeguards. With this add-on. Companies don’t need to worry about those valuable contacts will be copied or stolen by anyone including employees – while numbers being masked on BMS. Authorized users can also decrypt these numbers when needed.

  • Mask contact numbers on list
  • Click-to-call function for employees
  • Decrypt masked details by authorized users

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