Social CRM: Game Changer

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is a system to manage current and potential customers. It usually makes use of the incentive program and membership program to attract customers, thereby enhancing revisit rate and customer loyalty. The system collects data from members and customers to conduct big data analysis. Today it isn’t enough! You have to collect the ‘’Fans’ ‘data as well. We call it Social CRM.


Social CRM

Social CRM-Fans to Customers


‘’Fans’’ is a new keyword which emerges in recent years. Fans are potential customers who have interest in the products or services. The keyword “fans” is closely related to social media. Many merchants start running their own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, We Chat and etc. Social media allows footprint collection and interaction with fans. You can engage with fans and ‘get likes’ to increase loyal customers.


Social CRM: Low Conversion Rate?


Just recently, I was invited to ’like’ and ‘follow’ a Facebook page by a restaurant. As a return, it offered a cocktail for free. I believe everyone shares the same experience right? Shops offer discounts to induce fans on Facebook, and most people will do that. However how many of you un-follow the Facebook page afterward? The promotion is effective but only work for a while. Only a few fans will keep following the Facebook page. Therefore, the conversion rate is low while the cost can be quite expensive.

’Content’ and ‘engagement’ is the foundation of Social CRM. Fans may leave you once they found your content not interesting. Continued engagement is more important than discounts. Instead of spending money to offer discounts, it is more effective to spend resources to enrich your content.


Social CRM-Big Data


Social Marketing is the trend of the times. Many enterprises reduce traditional media advertising and spend more resources on Social Media. They made videos, info-graphic, text to interact with fans. Fans and visitors response and sometimes even engage with you.

Those engagements from fans are valuable data, which represents the consumption behavior and preference. Don’t waste them! What you need is an automatic CRM system which allows data analysis, data collection, continued monitoring and prediction. Like Google Ads, they collect your footprint and cookies on internet, analysis and then deliver related advertisements. If you search shoes on the internet then you will most likely see a shoe advertisement on Facebook.

Social CRM allows enterprises to engage with fans and customers across multiple channels. This is precious because it understands of customer needs more effectively than more marketing research ever could. Social CRM is redefining customer relationships management and also reshaping long-standing business processes.


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CRM System, Improved and Evolved

The importance of big data analysis cannot over-emphasize nowadays.  “Customer Relationship Management (CRM)” is the most well-known and introductory application of big data analysis in the business. CRM system is actually an old vocabulary, which highlighted on increasing customer loyalty. Today CRM means something more.


Why is the Incentive Program ineffective?


The incentive program was the mainstream in the marketing industry. Marketers spent most of their time working on the program. They used different discounts to recruit members and increase the revisit rate. However, the effect was unsatisfied. The initial revisit rate increased for a while but not long lasting.

Why is it ineffective? This is because human estimation is unreliable. The marketing staffs designed the program schemes according to their own experience and assumptions. It is more like guessing. Sure they can rely on marketing research, but the marketing change can be rapid. The results can only reflect the preference of the majority. What we need is something more accurate and efficient, a tool that can achieve precision marketing while catching the speed of the changes.


Data analysis is the booster to CRM System


Big data analysis understands the preferences and interests of each member. It can dig in and find out what incentives can motivate customers the most. The focus should now shift from “member incentive plan” to “big data analysis.”  Know your  each customer. A customized, unique promotion and discount to each customer was once impossible but now become doable with the help of big data analysis.


Collect Data and Draw Customer Portrait

CRM System

What is customer portrait? It is to draw a portrait for each of your clients. The more detailed the lines, the better the data will be used to shape the customer’s tastes. What data should we collect?

First, we need to focus on customers’ attributes, their lifestyles and consumption behaviors.

  • Fixed features: gender, age, region, education level, birthday, occupation, constellation
  • Interest: hobbies, APP, website, browsing/collection/comment content, brand preferences, product preferences
  • Social characteristics: living habits, marriage, social/message channel preferences, religious beliefs, family composition
  • Consumption characteristics: income status, purchasing power, product type, purchase channel preference, purchase frequency
  • Dynamic characteristics: current activities, demand, location, surrounding businesses, surrounding people


How to collect the above data to build a CRM system? Some are already in your CRM database (customer database), and some can be collected through their “footprint.” Every their activities on the internet such as clicking and browsing can be monitored. For example, visitors’ browsing cookies remain in the browser. The server can identify and record their browsing behavior from various actions, clicks, paths and etc. We can further analyze their long-term and short-term needs and interests.


You can create tailor-made incentive plans for each customer. Not just different, but also dynamically adjusted according to the customer’s consumption behavior and feedback on the incentive plan. What you need is to find a company to build and design a “CRM System” for you, so the above program can function automatically.


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Big Data Analysis-CRM Big Data

Some may see Big Data as something distant and complicated therefore not applicable to small and medium enterprises. The truth is Big Data can be practical and profitable. We can use the CRM (customer relationship management) system to practice big data analysis. Let’s see an example of CRM Big Data.

CRM Big Data


Akindo Sushiro is one of Japan’s number one chain sushi restaurants with more than 440 stores nationwide. It takes the lead in implanting wafers under sushi plates to calculate the distance travel by sushi on the slewing belt. Each dish of sushi walking at a predetermined distance will be withdrawn to maintain the freshness of the food to guarantee the quality.

In June 2015, Merchant Sushi Lang launched a Smartphone app (App), allowing guests to book a table through the app. Guests enter the telephone number, region and schedule time. The app will display the waiting time of all the stores in the area. The app will then issue a reservation number. Once the customers arrive at the store at the preserved time, they key in the reservation number on the electronic board outside the store. The electronic board receives the message and the seat will be arranged.


CRM Big Data-Collecting Effectively


This app solves the problem of long waiting time, also making the booking much easier. It benefits customers and most importantly, customers are giving out their information willingly.

Some guests may provide false information in phone or paper during the registration and booking, which affects the accuracy of big data analysis.

By using the Smartphone app’s online booking system, guests can learn the availability of the table, obtain the reservation number and compare the waiting time between different restaurants. The popup notification function is also available. The app notifies users once the table is ready. These user-friendly and convenient functions successfully motivate lots of guests to download the app. They are now happy to leave their true information like phone number, GPS location, age in order to place the booking, which guarantees the validity of the data.


CRM Big Data-Analysis and Insights


The app includes membership program, promotions, and coupons. This package offers not only discounts but also a more convenient and easier way which saves time for guests. All they need to do is to download and register. When the app became more mature and smooth, they further released the take-out service function. This required customer to provide more detailed personal information like the delivery address. Address of your customers can be very useful because it can tell whether it is a business or residential. It indicates the income level of your customers which suggest which groups you should target on.

The merchant’s CRM System integrates the guest’s data and carries out an analysis. The system tracks customers all activities like which store he went to, how many people visited, when did he enter, when did he left, what did he eat, how much he spent, did he use any coupons, did he click the promotions/advertisements through the app and etc.

Once the guest books through the app again, the data management systems will analysis the previous consumption data and conduct preliminary data mining and analysis. The app will offer custom, unique and attractive member discounts which base on the customer’s preference. In other words, every guest may receive different member discounts. If the CRM system detects a customer prefer salmon than tonguefish, the app delivers promotions on salmon more often. This is so-called Precision Marketing or Targeting Marketing, which significantly increases marketing successful rate.

CRM big data 3


Know Yourself, Know Your Customers. CRM Big Data assists you to draw up successful marketing strategies and giving you insights on managing existing customers.  Small, medium and big enterprises can utilize the advantages of CRM system through big data analysis.



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Big Data Analysis- Collection

The Membership Management System achieves a new level in CRM because of the Big Data Era. Nowadays the business industries and the political parties are trying everything to participate in Big Data Analysis. The use and influence of big data can be promising. In this article we will focus on how to collect the big data.

Big Data Analysis


A startup company called Synapbox has developed a facial recognition system. It combined with the big data database, in order to assist companies to conduct large-scale marketing research.

They used desktops, tablets, and Smartphone to catch the facial expressions, eye movements and changes while the consumers browsing an advertisement. Then they conducted a big data analysis to calculate the conversion rate, i.e. turning viewers into potential customers. With that accurate data, they can assist companies to carry a more effective marketing campaign to increase customer loyalty.

So here is the question, how do we collect the data effectively and efficiently?

Big Data Analysis


Big Data Analysis – Membership Management System


The first step is Collection. What is the right way? The ideal way is that the customers give you their data willingly. First, you must meet the needs of your guests. Offering discounts through the membership management system is one of the efficient ways to motivate customers. Their registration of membership leave lots of personal information such as age, gender, occupation and etc. It is the foundation of a member database. Once they are registered members, their further consumption activities also provide large amount consuming behavior data, which helps us to draw  the customer profile.

Big Data Analysis – How to collect the data ‘quietly’?


Big Data Analysis

Sure you don’t want to alarm the customers. Most people are quite sensitive and protective referring their personal information. Moreover, you do not want to annoy the customers and affect their shopping experience. So how do you collect the data without interfering the customers?

Membership Management System


Both Google and Facebook are fully committed to Big Data Analytics. Their data analysis software is free and public. You can use the Analytics Software to track the visitor’s all activities such as clicking, login, registration, browse history, region and etc.

Even the visitor is a non-member, you can use the “cookies” function to learn the visiting rate and the devices that the visitors are using. Most importantly, visitors are not aware that their browsing behavior is being closely monitored, recorded, and analyzed.

Japanese Toys “R” Us combines their membership management system with the mobile app to motivate visitors to watch their advisements. The apps also set up a ‘’Kazasu Camera’’,   which allows visitors to visit AR content and watch 3D videos. While their visitors browsing the apps, those AR contents introduce and promote their hero products in a more fun way. It successfully attracted customers to leave more data willingly.


Big Data Analysis – Connecting Social Media Account


The past registration procedure was not effective enough which the visitors were required to fill in a long registration form. Visitors may give up in the middle during the complicated procedure. Now you can shorten the procedure by inviting them to log in with their social media account such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and etc. It saves time and troublesome for visitors and they don’t need to remember one more password. This allows you to give them each a unique identity. You can access their personal data from the social platform to strengthen the quality and number of the customer database. The easier they become a member the more data you collect.

To sum up, it is the best policy to attract customers to participate actively in the process of collecting consumer behavior data. If you finish this article, congregations! You know the key concepts of collecting data. Big Data Analysis is unstoppable, and it is a train we all need to catch up with.

In the next article, we will further discuss a real case.

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大數據(Big Data)的收集、分析,對於計劃營銷策略和提高客人忠誠度有多重要?串流影音龍頭 Netflix,劃時代的成功,再一次印證了客戶關係管理(CRM) 與大數據所帶來的龐大效益。Netflix是首個利用大數據演算的電視媒體-大數據分析-這項技術能精確採集電視顧客信息。並以這些信息為參考依據,掌握客戶的喜好、消費模式與習慣,繼而要對他的未來購買行為有準確預測,商戶就可以在適當的時間、以適當的手法和符合客戶心意的激勵計劃誘導客人進行消費。


近年來,隨著互聯網技術的發展與各類流動裝置的廣泛普及,再加上各種新媒體平台科技的發展,整個社會完全邁入大數據時代,每天產生出難以估算的海量數據。而電視媒體在這種時代背景下,Netflix積極改變營銷策略,與時俱進,利用大數據與CRM (客戶關係管理) 的結合,將自己打造成串流影音的王國。

Netflix 的大數據分析帝國已經成型。五年來,Netflix 股價大漲十倍,並在今年六月市值突破 1,700 億美元,超越 迪士尼。今年第二季,Netflix 共新增 620 萬用戶,其中 510 萬來自美國以外的海外市場,據估計,Netflix 海外用戶在 10 年內,將從 2018 年底的 8,300 萬,會以每年平均兩成的速度成長至 2.5 億。

這些數字或者你並不感興趣,但Netflix 正掌握龐大的顧客消費數據和消費模式,而且擁有非常準確的收視紀錄。這些就是大數據,被喻為21世紀的石油。




Netflix ,你一定認識這間公司,它旗下的作品你亦一定略有所聞,從英國女王傳記《王冠》、懸疑驚悚片《怪奇物語》、現代科技反思路線《黑鏡》到青少年霸凌題材《漢娜的遺言》。Netflix 製作影集的範圍很廣,Netflix 又是如何讓觀眾在成千上萬種影音內容中,找到自己喜歡的影片?

答案正是應用大數據分析(big data analysis) 進行個人化的推薦,將不同但更適合的內容推送到個別用戶眼前,亦即是達致精準行銷

在大數據時代,網絡搜尋度、網站訪問量、影片點擊、觀看、留言等多種互聯網的活動全部都會產生大量複雜的數據,這些數據可以收集、計算、量度、統計和分析。 這能夠有效反映出不同電視受眾對同一電視節目的接受認同度、喜好等等。

而電視媒體則可以通過不同渠道,精確採集電視受眾信息,並以這些信息為參考依據,制定針對性強的營銷策略,打開目標受眾市場。 舉一個簡單的例子,透過大數據分析,Netflix發現一些都市戀愛劇這類節目的電視節目主要受年青的都市上班族歡迎, 並且發現這類節目在年未、聖誕節臨近推出會獲得較佳的播放效果。於是乎調整上映節目時間表,以獲得更佳收視鞏固現有客戶。











Understand your customers better with big data

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