The Membership Management System achieves a new level in CRM because of the Big Data Era. Nowadays the business industries and the political parties are trying everything to participate in Big Data Analysis. The use and influence of big data can be promising. In this article we will focus on how to collect the big data.

Big Data Analysis


A startup company called Synapbox has developed a facial recognition system. It combined with the big data database, in order to assist companies to conduct large-scale marketing research.

They used desktops, tablets, and Smartphone to catch the facial expressions, eye movements and changes while the consumers browsing an advertisement. Then they conducted a big data analysis to calculate the conversion rate, i.e. turning viewers into potential customers. With that accurate data, they can assist companies to carry a more effective marketing campaign to increase customer loyalty.

So here is the question, how do we collect the data effectively and efficiently?

Big Data Analysis


Big Data Analysis – Membership Management System


The first step is Collection. What is the right way? The ideal way is that the customers give you their data willingly. First, you must meet the needs of your guests. Offering discounts through the membership management system is one of the efficient ways to motivate customers. Their registration of membership leave lots of personal information such as age, gender, occupation and etc. It is the foundation of a member database. Once they are registered members, their further consumption activities also provide large amount consuming behavior data, which helps us to draw  the customer profile.

Big Data Analysis – How to collect the data ‘quietly’?


Big Data Analysis

Sure you don’t want to alarm the customers. Most people are quite sensitive and protective referring their personal information. Moreover, you do not want to annoy the customers and affect their shopping experience. So how do you collect the data without interfering the customers?

Membership Management System


Both Google and Facebook are fully committed to Big Data Analytics. Their data analysis software is free and public. You can use the Analytics Software to track the visitor’s all activities such as clicking, login, registration, browse history, region and etc.

Even the visitor is a non-member, you can use the “cookies” function to learn the visiting rate and the devices that the visitors are using. Most importantly, visitors are not aware that their browsing behavior is being closely monitored, recorded, and analyzed.

Japanese Toys “R” Us combines their membership management system with the mobile app to motivate visitors to watch their advisements. The apps also set up a ‘’Kazasu Camera’’,   which allows visitors to visit AR content and watch 3D videos. While their visitors browsing the apps, those AR contents introduce and promote their hero products in a more fun way. It successfully attracted customers to leave more data willingly.


Big Data Analysis – Connecting Social Media Account


The past registration procedure was not effective enough which the visitors were required to fill in a long registration form. Visitors may give up in the middle during the complicated procedure. Now you can shorten the procedure by inviting them to log in with their social media account such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and etc. It saves time and troublesome for visitors and they don’t need to remember one more password. This allows you to give them each a unique identity. You can access their personal data from the social platform to strengthen the quality and number of the customer database. The easier they become a member the more data you collect.

To sum up, it is the best policy to attract customers to participate actively in the process of collecting consumer behavior data. If you finish this article, congregations! You know the key concepts of collecting data. Big Data Analysis is unstoppable, and it is a train we all need to catch up with.

In the next article, we will further discuss a real case.

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